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Sweetness and Lightning Final Review

I know I’ve been out of the loop and it’s been far too long since I last posted, but I figured it was more than time to get back into the rhythm of things. In all the business, I’ve managed to make it through four weeks of school, and somehow, miraculously the two series that I have been watching this season.

While I’ve reached the 12 episode mark in each, and concluded my journey with Sweetness and Lightning, I realize the animated series Orange is yet to end. Though I was anticipating otherwise, I will say I am thoroughly pleased. Therefore, I plan to review that in an upcoming article or two, so look forward to that!

In the mean time, I’ll delve into the ever-kawaii show by the name of Sweetness and Lightning. In short summary, the story centers around the unusual main character, Tsumugi Inuzuka, a kindergartener in love with life, her hardworking single parent, and the yummy food he’s been learning to make alongside his enthusiastic young student, Kotori Iida.

Though the show is lighthearted and funny, it certainly handles some harder topics, therefore appropriate for both a young audience and a mature one as well. The final episode certainly followed this line of logic, but contributed plenty of fun-filled surprises along the way *spoilers ahead*. One of these was the lead up to the much-awaited gathering between Inuzuka Sensei and Kotori Iida’s mother, Linda Iida. While at first it appears as if Linda has missed the rendezvous once again, Inuzuka Sensei steps in and comforts Kotori with an example from his own life.

Just like Kotori, I was shocked to find how much I could relate to Inuzuka’s words. His fatherly love reminded me of my own Heavenly Father, and how often I forget the promise of Matthew 6:26, and how He loves and cares for His sons and daughters far more than any creature on earth.

Another time the ending episode related to the relationship I have in Jesus Christ was when Inuzuka later communicated his deep concern and affection for his daughter, Tsumugi.

Here, Sensei relays the just love of the God All Mighty by his words and attitude toward discipline. He remarks to Tsumugi how much He loves her, and how it hurts him to scold her, but it is because of his deep affection, he claims, that he does so (Hebrews 12:10).

After each of these examples of a parent’s love for their child, we finally see such a situation play out in the life of Linda Iida. We find she has gotten off of work early and rushed home to see her daughter and greet Inuzuka Sensei for the first time. The meetup is of course a little awkward and makes for some blush-worthy scenes, but I think that’s one of the things that really contributes to the anime’s overall cuteness.

Awkward introductions aside, the crew sits down for a delicious meal of okonomiyaki, a dish all the same similar and far from the American Pancake. The episode closes with the a discovery from Tsumugi as to why the entrée tastes so good. Linda Iida remarks it’s because of the love Tsumugi’s daddy has put into the food, providing for another uncomfortable moment until the child deems, “I eat lots of that then!” This juvenile yet adorable comment links back to the very first episode, when we meet Kotori under a cherry blossom tree, crying her eyes out because of how much work her mother has put into her onigiri. This was a nice touch and wrapped up the series as a whole, providing us something to look back on to see how far each of the characters have come.

Though I was hoping to see the show delve a little deeper into the emotional trauma hidden within each character, I understand Sweetness and Lightning wouldn’t be what it is today if that were the case. The show’s innocent manner, relaxing tone, fun-loving characters, and tasty-looking dishes is what makes it so precious in the eyes of each and every one of its viewers. That and the fact that the small plot line allows the story to be more accessible is what gives it an 8/10 in my book. So if you’re looking for an easy-going show to pass the time or a semi-normal anime to get your friends into, please don’t hesitate to go and check out Summer 2016’s Sweetness and Lightning!

**Author note: If I go MIA again, rest assured, I am not dead or even avoiding the internet, rather, I am occupied with another personal outlet, a position on my school’s newspaper, the Greenville College Papyrus. Wish me luck!


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